Eternal Yemen, tour and travel operator is owned and run by a Yemeni, Waleed Mujalli, and Slovenian, Tina Zorman. The company was created in 2006 and since then it successfully organises tours for tourists from all around the world. Our clients come from all walks of life, from gap year backpackers, discerning individual and group travellers, archaeologists, to VIP clients.

Waleed Mujalli is the Yemeni manager of the Eternal Yemen. He is responsible for all internal administrative matters, internal contacts and the logistic. Occasionally he works as well as a Yemeni tour leader. He has been working in tourism business since 2003. Waleed speaks Arabic.

Tina is a Slovenian expat in Yemen. She lives and works in Yemen since 2003 and is married with Waleed since 2006. During her studies she has been the Slovenian student exchange coordinator and tours organiser for the worldwide students coming to Slovenia. Since 2003 she has been a tour guide for Slovenian tourists in Iran, Turkey and Yemen. Since 2004 she has been organizing tours for visitors of Yemen from various countries. Before establishing Eternal Yemen, she created and ran another Yemeni travel agency. At Eternal Yemen she is responsible for creation of tailor made itineraries, for international communication, international business promotion, while she works as a travel organiser and the guide as well. She speaks Slovene, SerboCroatian, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic languages.

Abdullah Mujalli is arranging all of our VISA matters, including the VISA assistance at the airport. He is responsible also for bookings of the domestic flights, reservation of the hotels and is doing also several other small things.

Ali is our main driver and certainly one of the best drivers that work in tourism business. As he is in business for about 25 years, he knows each corner of Yemen, is excellent cook and wise person with great sense of responsibility, humanity and empathy. At Eternal Yemen he is responsible for selecting the drivers and guides for particular tours. He speaks Arabic and understand and speaks some English.

Mazen is our Socotrian colleague that arranges us the best drivers and guides on Soqotra Island. He is not involved in tours, helps us only with organization.

Yahya is our colleague that helps in case Tina is not available. Excellent computer programmer, with great communication and negotiation skills. He is always happy approaching our clients.


We could never work well without our co-operators:

  • Tour guides, well versed in history and culture of our country. Guides, fluent in the following languages are available: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Slovene and Serbo-Croatian.
  • Skilled drivers that will drive you safely with a fleet of 4-wheel modern and comfortable vehicles.
  • The last, but not the least: several our co-operators in different fields (local guides, trekking guides, colleagues in Passport authority etc).