Soqotra tours

There are 2 Yemeni airline companies flying to Soqotra: Yemenia airlines and Felix airways. Yemenia airlines has fixed prices, while the price of Felix airways depends on the time of your booking. If you book earlier, you can get seats in cheaper class.

Direct flights of Yemenia airlines to Soqotra:

  • from Sana’a –Soqotra and Soqotra – Sana’a : on Friday (plane stops in Mukalla) (price app. 190 USD)
  • from Mukalla – Soqotra and Soqotra – Mukalla: on Monday (price app. 115 USD)
  • from Aden – Soqotra and Soqotra – Aden: on Monday (plane stops in Mukalla) (price app. 170 USD)


Direct flights of Felix airways to Soqotra:

  • from Sana’a –Soqotra and Soqotra – Sana’a : daily (plane stops in Mukalla) (price max. 280 USD)
  • from Mukalla – Soqotra and Soqotra – Mukalla: daily (price max. 260 USD)
  • from Aden – Soqotra and Soqotra – Aden: on Monday and Saturday (plane stops in Mukalla) (price max. 270 USD)


Therefore clients can stay in Soqotra Island from 3 days – 1 week or even longer.

In case of short tours the clients can return each day to Hadiboo whether they wish to spend all the nights in the hotel. However, better and nicer experience of the Soqotra Island comes if one does a circle round the Island, with camping in different places.

Some camping sites are organized in protected areas (entrance fee): Qalansiya (western coast – camp beside the Detwah lagoon), Amak beach (southern coast), Dihamri area (northern coast-snorkeling), Homhil area (karstic region above the Northern coast).

The camping facilities in those place are very basic or none: the food is provided there, however the water availability and toilets are very basic.

We organize camping also in other areas like: Scand area (while trekking), Srahin area (the land of Desert rose trees) and other places like: Erher, Wadi Dirhur, Dilisha beach, Kadama beach (turtles), remote beach of Schuab or simple Adib camp near Hadiboo (family camp with tree nursery).

Clients who go to Soqotra should be aware that Soqotra Island is relatively new in tourism, so the guides are less experienced as you might expect. However they are all very friendly and the drivers know the Island like their pocket.

Food and the gasoline come to the island by the boat. For different reasons, sometimes the boat doesn’t arrive and that means less supplies of food in the island. Therefore the clients are offered the best thing avaliable in the moment; however they should know that the diet in Soqotra is simple and bases on fish, rice and vegetables.

Only with your help, your comments and suggestions we can grow and improve our services ! Thanks to you, we are who we are and you help us to improve !

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