All foreign nationals except citizens of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Gulf countries are required to get entry visas. Normally, the visitor can get entry visa to the Republic of Yemen in of two possible ways.

  • from the Yemeni Embassy or Consulate in visitor’s or neighbouring country. Upon arrival, the visitor is given one month residence permit. In some embassies, the clients are asked for the invitation letter before VISA is issued to them. For all our clients we provide the invitation letter after booking the tour with us.


  • A registered travel agency in Yemen can arrange VISA approval for you, which is a document that guarantees that you will receive visa at arrival to Sana’a or Soqotra airport.


As a tour operator we are allowed to issue VISAS for clients that book a tour with our agency for their entire stay in Yemen (from entering Yemen till exiting Yemen). Actually we prepare VISA APPROVAL, that is a document that guarantees that you will get VISA into your passport upon arrival to Sana’a or Socotra airport.

We prepare the visa approvals for our clients at the Ministry of Interior (Passport Authority) prior arrival of the clients to Yemen.

For preparation of visa approval, the clients should send us colourful copy of his/her passport by Email. When visa approval is prepared, we will send a scan of it to the client – also by Email. Upon arrival to Sana’a airport, all visitors must complete an immigration card.

Then the client should proceed to VISA window, show his/her passport and the VISA APPROVAL and after checking these documents, the real visa sticker will be given into his/her passport.

The client should print the visa approval prior going to the airport in his or neighboring country. The airport authorities round the world will want to see visa approval prior allowing the clients to embark the plane.


IMPORTANT (1): In your passport there should not be Israeli visa or Israeli stamp In case you have it, we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to enter Yemen.

IMPORTANT (2): Within 14 days after entering the country, every visitor has to register himself in a police station. They will put you a triangle stamp over your visa. In case you will stay in Yemen more than 14 days and you will try to leave the country without such a stamp, you will be charged a fee of approximately 30 USD at the passport control when leaving the country.


LONGER STAYS In case the visitor wants to stay in Yemen for a longer period, he/she can apply (after staying in Yemen for a month) for a 3 month residence visa that allows him/her to stay in a country for additional 3 months.

In last years, tourists that entered the country on tourist visas, were not able to extend their visas. Basically this process depends on circumstances.


SPECIAL SITUATION FROM MARCH, 26TH, 2016 (last updated on February, 24th, 2016)

Since March, 26th, 2016, also the registered travel agencies could not arrange tourist visas for visiting Yemeni mainland, due to the current war in Yemen.

However, Soqotra Island is safe and tourists that wish to visit it, can travel from Dubai to Soqotra directly. In that case we can arrange tourist visa for Soqotra only.



If the visitor obtained the residence VISA, he/she must always get an exit VISA, or EXIT & REENTRY visa before leaving Yemen, unless he/she would have problems leaving the country