It is appropriate for tourists to visit Yemen all year round as the altitudes counteract the effects of high temperatures.

Due to its geographical position, Yemeni weather depends on a combination of different weather systems: the Indian monsoon, a secondary monsoon system coming from east Africa, the effect of the dry weather from the interior and all this coupled with the four underlying seasons.

However, the Yemeni state composes of 2 entirely different units: mainland of Yemen and Socotra Island, which are under different climate influences and therefore will be discussed here separately.



October to March: dry season

  • The highlands experience a dry and clean weather with temperatures falling close to freezing points at night.
  • In the rest of the country, the temperatures are very pleasant.

This is actually the most popular time for visitors, as it is appropriate for visiting all the regions, so the country receives lots of visitors. However, the landscape is brown and dusty, much less interesting than in summer months.


May to September: rainy season

The real monsoon touches only the easternmost part of Yemen in Al Mahra region. In other parts, the rains are occasional.

  • The weather in very hot in the desert, Hadramawt region and the lower altitude coastal plains of the west (Tihama region) as well as in Aden lowland.
  • The weather in the northern mountains is fresh.

The rains are generally quick and heavy and they last only about an hour (usually it rains in the afternoon or in the night). After the rain, the air is fresh and the temperatures are marvellous. In this season, the landscape is wonderfully green and is not crowded by tourists.  Generally, also the prices of hotels are a bit lower than in winter months.



IDEAL MONTHS FOR A VISIT – September till mid of April

Ideal weather to visit Socotra is from end of September till mid of April. During that time you can camp in all the regions. There are some specific things that are good to know about particular months:

  • In November are pretty big chances of rains.
  • In December is usually pretty windy, therefore sometimes people are less attracted to swim in the north or in the mountains.
  • Most of Adenium trees flower from March till summer.


APPROPRIATE TIME for a visit, but very hot: April, May, June and first half of September.


LESS APPROPRIATE time for visiting Socotra – JULY and AUGUST

In July and August, strong winds affect Socotra and is less appropriate to visit the island. Winds are especially strong in the northern coast therefore visit of those great sandy beaches/snorkelling sites etc in the north is impossible. Simple campsites in the north do not exist in the summer.

One can still visit Socotra Island and spend more time in beaches in the south and of course exploring amazing interior: plateaus and wadis.



Travel advice: Yemen can be visited ALL YEAR ROUND

October to April: appropriate to visit all Yemen and Socotra Island

May to September: appropriate to visit the area of ex-North Yemen (north and west of the country), while the east of the country is pretty hot and Socotra Island is extremely windy.